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Ali the victim?

So I was reading something on how were going to find out that Alison is more of a victim in 3B. At first, I thought that was stupid but then it clicked and it made so much sense!

Ali acts the way she acts and says the things she says because of events that could have well happened in her personal life. I think she might have been abused by men in her life and I believe she could quite possibly be bisexual herself. The events that happened had forced her to retaliate on people around her in different ways. This could be why she is going to be portrayed as a victim in the long run.

Ali Gay?

Reasons why I feel that Alison might have been bisexual:

Reason 1.) She knows that Emily likes her, She pulls Emily in with flirting, sweet kisses and poems, making Emily feel wanted by her but then, Ali shuts her out with snud remarks about her only liking boys and just using Emily.

-My thought on this; Alison is fighting with her sexuality and in all reality she likes emily and wants to keep her close but not close enough for anyone to suspect her of how she really feels inside.

Reason 2.) She picks on Paige because she knows that Paige is gay and is in love with emily

-My thoughts on this: Alison herself likes Emily but cannot act on her feelings because of how people might look at her so she bullies Paige because of this but also feels threatened by the idea of Paige and Emily.

Ali Abused?

Reasons why I feel that Alison might have been abused:

Reason 1.) Alison comes off very sexual for her age and probably the most out of the entire girls.

Reason 2.) She is seen involved with older people a lot through the show; Going to frat parties, Flying in a plane with Duncan who obviously was older, hanging around with CeCe who is her brothers age, ‘dating’ Ian, and now we see her involved with Byron?

Reason 3.) Her remarks on how Jason doesn’t use door knobs, She came into spencer house talking about there aren’t enough locks on her doors and she starts to cry.

Reason 4.) She is so angry with Jenna for forcing Toby to sleep with Her.

-My thoughts on this; Alison could be coming off very sexual because she herself is getting sexually abused by people in her home, I.E. Jason or her father. That is why she hangs around older people, comes off sensitive at times but has a hard exterior and is so weird around Jason. Its could also be why she was so mad at Jenna  and Toby for sleeping together because it was happening to her.

Alison struggling with her sexuality and getting abused could also lead to why She has such a tough exterior and is so mean to Mona, Lucas, Paige, Jenna and Toby. She knows they are weak and continues to mess with them to feel inferior to them, to feel strong and powerful in her own way. Even with the Liars she is looked up to and feels like she owns them. She wants to feel this way and must maintain this because she is so down and out in her personal life!

So let me know what you think and send me your theories!

Secrets, Secrets, are no fun ;)

“The stuff that she’s hiding is amazing,” Pieterse told Celebuzz at TV Guide Magazine’s Hot List party. “There are so many big surprises. One in particular that I think will shock everyone — we can’t say anything, it’s so hard for us to say anything about anything — but there’s a lot of relationships that she’s had with people that no one knew about or would ever expect. So, it’s very interesting.”