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Ezra Fitz theory

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  • Before I start. You cannot say he has no motive to do anything. Who knew Byron had anything to do with Ali that night until 3 seasons down the line. We could find out Ezra knew Ali at any point. Let’s not forget he was a student at Hollis(he said in the bar S1 E1 to aria that he just graduated from Hollis) meaning he was in the village around and before Ali’s death.
  • And some people are like, “But he hasn’t been shown in flashbacks to be tied to the girls or Ali!” YES HE HAS…are you all as blind as Jenna was? He was featured in a flash-back when Ali was alive. Incase you have forgotten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Cc-piAiSO1s 
  • In the ‘Interview with A’, when asked “Do you go to Rosewood High?” A answered “I have”. While this could mean any number of characters, it definitely includes Ezra. 
  • In the same interview, when asked “Who do you think is the weakest link?”, A answered “I’m more interested in the best liar” - aka Aria. Aria was referenced to be the best liar by all girls and she’s his girlfriend.
  • Marlene keeps answering questions by saying things like “all will be revealed in 3B”, which we’re taking to mean Season 3, Part 2, but until now this terminology has never been used when referring to seasons/series. You know what else is 3B? Ezra’s apartment!
  • Aria has undergone the least amount of trauma.
  • A infact SAVED Ezra’s relationship when Noel goes to blab. Also A benefits it again by telling Aria to send Jackie away. Ezria is the EASIEST relationship to destroy but all the other relationships have been threatened on more than one occasion. 
  • Constant literary references from A - Ezra is a very intelligent English teacher.
  • The “she knew too much” text after A hit Hanna with the car, just after Hanna saw Aria and Ezra kissing.
  • On the grave of the lady who Hanna’s mum stole money from, it read “To sleep, per chance to dream”, a quote from Shakespeare. Aria mentions soon after that they have been studying Shakespeare in Ezra’s class.
  • They receive a note from A “there’s no place like home-coming, see you there”. Ezra is there that night.
  • 1x8 A sends Spencer a text mention Tom Sawyer, referring to the character from the novels. Ezra is an English teacher and has written poems previously, he would have a lot of knowledge of characters and novels.

  • After the dance-a-thon, A goes to get their coat from Ella Montgomery and she greets them like she knows them quite well.
  • Marlene has always said that 1x13 had a big clue in it, and while it’s now thought to be the pan to Mona when talking about how no one is what you expect (at Hanna’s party), but earlier in this same episode, a few very suspicious things happen that could point to Ezra. Behind him on the chalkboard for a while the writing reads ‘But I was A’

and also when Noel is bargaining for a better grade he says “I think I know enough to get this” (i.e; I know you’re A) and then writes an A. While we assumed this was in reference to his grade, it could also have a hidden meaning, and watch for how angry/scared Ezra is while this unfolds.

  • When Aria is texting Ezra, she makes a comment about his eyes, A is known to have pretty eyes on two occasions.
  • Ezra has/uses a typewriter

many notes are from a type-writer. Weird how everyone nearly uses programmes such as Word and a printer…but a type-writer? Very unique written format in this day.

  • Jenna offered to compose a song on flute for The Bad Seed which was later found playing in the hotel room next to Toby and Spencer’s. While this could have been the work of Toby or Mona, Jenna would have most likely given her recording straight to Ezra and he could have set it up there.
  • A has access to Ezra’s apartment
  • Ezra’s short story ends with “Everything she had known disappeared, drifting into the summer sky” - this could be about Ali’s death
  • His nickname is ‘Z’. A single letter nickname that is the last letter of his last name. Weird. Why couldn’t it of been something such as Ez. Something more likely from the name Ezra Fitz.
  • Ezra has/had easy access to Rosewood, student lockers, the prop box where rat blood was found, etc.
  • He was riding his bike near the girls in Rosewood

just after they discovered the “ding dong the bitch is dead” note.

  • Again, in episode 1x13 Spencer gets a text that says ‘married for love or an alibi?’, and a couple of episodes later Ezra had ‘Married for love’ written on the chalkboard.
  • Vivian Darkbloom is an anagram for Vladamir Nabokov, the author of Lolita - a book about a teacher being sexually attracted to young girls.
  • Ezra lives alone, which would make it very easy for others to come and go unnoticed, or for him to do any shady behaviour at home.
  • At the end of an episode we see A drinking vodka with a lime in it,  vodka is referenced more than once when referring to A and their mysterious ways and when shown the drink it always has lime in it. Later when Aria goes to Ezra’s fridge she makes fun of him for having only a lime.

  • He is very good at hiding secrets and until he was forced to, withheld great detail about his past and family from Aria.
  • Ezra had a lot of money hidden in his drawer at the exact same time that Jason paid someone £50,000 for information on Ali’s dug up grave. He claims that it was from him selling a car, however it still seems shady. The amount in the drawer was never confirmed, so we don’t know for sure if the two things are linked, but it seems suspiciously coincidental.

  • Ezra was at Ali’s funeral, I mean it if was for Aria it wouldn’t make sense because the relationship wasn’t really strong then. Maybe he knew Ali?
  • The name Ezra means helper, could he be a helper on the A team
  • Referencing to A-Team members: Maybe Mona is for Hanna, Toby is for Spencer and maybe Ezra is for Aria? OR A-Team could spell out A-Alison T-Toby A-Aria M-Mona.
  • Ezra was the only one unmasked during the episode unmAsked.
  • Marlene said A is in the first episode. Ezra is in the first episode.
  • Yes Aria has FINALLY been hurt by A but if you listen to when she’s about to be pushed out of the train in a box. The man and woman have the following conversation:

Male: “you lied to me!” 

Female: “Push damn it!”

Male: “No!”

Male: “I can’t!”

Female: “Shut up, come back here!”

Female: “Push!”

Male: “Eughhhh!” (after being stabbed)

 … This could mean several things, they didn’t know it would be aria in the box and that’s why he backed out, they didn’t know they’d be harming anyone and were basically totally mislead into what they were actually going to do.

  • Recent Halloween episode. On a murder scene no one is allowed to leave and enter before questioning which is what the police were in the middle of. How did Ezra get allowed onto the train? Surely that means he was on the train all that time…and one of the writers said this

So he was definitely on the train before the ending as he was in a suit then. Which makes him a liar about everything he basically said in that episode.

We all presumed the Ali mask was Mona as she was painting it at the beginning but NO.

That is infact a man. Look at that clear adams-apple on the neck. And as we are unknown to Ezra’s costume…well?

  • In the doll shop, when the little boy is asked who was after Ali, he says a man with someone with ‘long dark hair’ like Aria’s, the man could be Ezra. Right after the boy says this, the old woman that owns the shop immediately tells him to be quiet.
  • Becoming a teacher fresh out of college is really rare these days.  A has shown that they can easily pull strings and have several contacts that could have gotten him that job.  He would need to be close enough to all the girls to keep a closer eye on them, therefore becoming their teacher.  He is also seen as a friendly and attractive guy that people can easily trust, making it easier on him to influence them. 
  • He goes missing a lot and pulls out of plans.
  • His acceptance of the “Jenna Thing” and “A”: looking back, it seems like Ezra dealt with learning about what the Liars did to Jenna surprisingly well. He also seems to have accepted the idea of “A” easily. Unlike Toby or Caleb he hasn’t had much firsthand experience with “A” to help ease him into the idea, and the fact that he actually originally pushed Aria to spend more time with Jenna could be construed as suspect. Maybe he knew about it all along
  • A has to be older than 21 to be drinking in public (the airport A ending in 3x04 shows A drinking vodka)
  • In 3x05, Ezra tells Aria that he got an editing job. In 3x06, there’s no mention of the job and Ezra is shown laying down, watching a movie, taking pictures, etc. - nothing related to an editing job. Also, Ezra says he’s embarrassed about having to look for jobs in the paper… but why would he have to do that if he already got a job? Ezra says he’s embarrassed that he has to look for job in the classifieds. Earlier in the episode, he is shown with a copy of the Rosewood Observer. At the end of the episode, A is shown looking through the classified section of the Rosewood Observer. This is just way too coincidental, especially considering it is all shown within the same episode!
    • In episode 2 as Aria is leaving the coffee shop in the rain, right before Ezra picks her up, a store is shown called “Hardware Keyes.” The “K” is almost entirely cut off by a pole in front of the sign, so it looks more like “eyes.” The song playing in the background is called “Fresh Pair Of Eyes.” These are the first of many nods at eyes pertaining to both Ezra and A.
    • In episode 4, Aria told him she was leaving so she could go home and talk to her mom. He seems hesitant and says, things like, “You could stay.” & “Are you sure about that?” He might have been trying to delay Aria from finding out about Ella’s letter from A.
    • The girls receive no texts from A while Ezra is away in New York or wherever he really was.
    • The poem A tells Aria to read is by Ezra Fitz.
    • A paralleled hug

  • Executive producer Marlene King said that during the finale, one of the liars would have a direct altercation with Ali’s killer. An altercation is a heated or angry dispute, argument, or controversy. Aria was very angry at Ezra
  • In the season 2 premiere when Aria is at Ezra’s apartment, he tells her “Ask me anything.” 

When the girls receive the text from not Ian! in the greenhouse, it says “Ask me anything.” Not “Ask something, ask me a question” etc. Coincidence or…?

  • During the overly-dramatic-running-in-slow-motion Ezria kiss in 202, Ezra is stroking Aria’s face with both hands. At the end of the episode, A does the exact same thing to the puppy’s face.
  • In episode 204, the sign outside of the pawn shop says “Someone’s watching you…” That is a reference to the Hitchcock film “Rear Window”. In episode 19 of season 1, Jenna references that same quote to Aria in the bathroom right after Aria sees Jenna talking to Ezra. Possible reference to Ezra being another N.A.T. club member as well as A and seeing all? The eyes on the sign are also zoomed in on. Once again, a nod to eyes. The poster also almost EXACTLY resembles one for Dr. T.J. Eckleburg in The Great Gatsby, yet another novel Ezra had his class read…and it happens to be by F. Scott FITZGERALD. Aria also dresses up as Daisy from The Great Gatsby in the new halloween episode. The Great Gatsby obviously plays a major part in PLL.
  • 2x3 Ezra tells Aria “you can run but you can’t hide”, referring to Jenna being in Aria’s pottery class. Maybe he meant it as something more than just them being in the same class, after all, A knows it was Alison and co. who blinded Jenna.

2x5 The Devil You Know: In Ian’s suicide note made up of A texts, he’d wrote ‘I can’t hide’, scribbled out hide and replaced it with ‘run’.

  • He is around the same age as Jason, Garrett and Ian. They could have all been friends. According to executive producer Marlene King, there are more members of the N.A.T. Club than we currently know of.
  • In an episode Ezra is listening to old music and then Aria turns it off and says she doesn’t like it. And then in the end of the episode it shows A listening to old music.
  • In episode 212, the waitress at the diner calls A “pretty eyes” in a flirtatious voice. Yet another nod to eyes. I really doubt she’d be flirting with Mona and Toby’s eyes aren’t exactly ’pretty’…

  • Always, as A disappears he’s suddenly not busy and vice-versa It’s almost like A and Ezra can never be in the same place at the same time.
  • Spencer’s statement. Spencer states that everyone on the train had/has something to do with Garrett. Ezra is on the train.
  • Ezra has a key that was to “Ezra’s neighbour”, that older lady who he said always locks herself out. However the EXACT same looking key is handed to the A-team member an episode later. The two people are NOT Toby and Mona. One is obviously Toby but Mona is locked up[although i know she escapes but we only see her escape when she has to do something]

  • MK recently changed her Twitter picture to a type writer…

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